Living Outside The Circle



Let me introduce myself, my name is Stevie “ Puppet” Lee and I’m a 4’4 Achondroplasia Dwarf living in the Chicago- land area with my wife, 15 year old son, and new born daughter.

I currently own my own entertainment company, Half Pint Brawlers, Inc. for the last eighteen years and I am also an actor who is and was involved on several film projects.

I’m the only person living with dwarfism in my family, where I always had loving, supportive parents and spouse throughout my childhood and adult life. With that support and backbone, I was constantly involved in a lot of activities as a child (sports, theater, and hobbies) and therefore with these experiences I found myself not afraid to start relationships, projects, and self employment. Even early on in life my mother would tell the story on how I would see people stare at me, and my first reaction was to walk up to them to introduce myself with a hug. I guess at the time I didn’t realize that I was physically different or maybe awkward looking toward individuals in society. In life as a young child I had to learn early on how to deal with being physically different from everyone else I was around. Of course, the teasing and name calling was part of my life early in grade school as I ventured into the world away from the protective circle of the family. Also the bullying was part of my life every time I moved to a different school or classroom; I had to learn to overcome daily ridicule and let my classmates know that I was just like them, only shorter. Once kids got over the physical dissimilarity, the concern wasn’t such a big deal and we went ahead with our friendships. Throughout these short stories in this manuscript I have several memories, experiences, and events that hopefully give a little insight into my existence living as a dwarf “outside the circle”.


Stevie “Puppet” Lee’s Entertainment Resume

TELEVISION & MOVIES                              

OZ – The Great And Powerful (Walt Disney Pictures) – Lead Munchkin 1 / Stunts/ Wire Work – Reased in March 2013

Fake Limb – Short Film (Anarchy Productions) Lead Role – Cory – filming Aug. 2011/Released Jan. 2012

JACKASS 3D (Paramount Pictures) – Lead Fighter – 2011 – DVD – In stores now.

The Babe (Universal Pictures) – Eddie Bennett.

HALF PINT BRAWLERS (Spike TV) – Reality show following Puppet and his company – 2011 (Season 1 on Spike TV; Season 2 in negotiations with networks for filming – 2012)

HALF PINT BRAWLERS (Spike TV) – Reality show following Puppet and his company – 2011 – 2012 International networks

G4 Network “That’s Tough” – Segment featuring Puppet and the Half Pint Brawlers – Aired Oct-2010 & Jan. 2012 – Repeated

Super Bowl Commercial with Troy Polamalu – “Ground Hog Day” – 2011

HALF PINT BRAWLERS (Ripe TV) – 10 – 8 minute segments – worldwide – – 2008 -2009.

GONE GLOBAL NETWORK – HPB Commercial broadcasting into 119 million homes in 50 countries overseas. 2009

Half Pint Brawlers Events (On Demand PPV) premiered July 19th 2007 with unlimited runs through Aug 2008; Volume 2 Premiere date Nov 6th 2008; Volume 3 PPV Premiere date Feb 2009, and Volume 4 in May 2009 – With over 65 million subscribers nationwide.

Viewer’s Choice PPV – Canada – premiered July 19th 2008 with unlimited runs through Aug 31st 2008, Volume 2 Premiere date Nov 19th 2007, Volume 3 PPV Premiered in Feb 2008, and Volume 4 in May 2008.

The Best Damn Sports Show – Nov 2007 “Puppet vs Tom Arnold” – 2006

Attack of the Show – Mar 22 2009 – G4 Network – DVD release promotion – 2007 & 2009

MTV’s Real World – “Challenge 2005 & 2007” – Bunim/Murray Productions

Hd Net – Documentary Half Pint Brawlers on tour – 2006

Groin Punch – – commercial – Puppet lead role – 2011

Thunderbox – Puppet lead role – Six episode season 2006

T.N.A./NWA wrestling pay per views – Puppet is a professional wrestler and character on TNA “Total Non Stop Wrestling” – 2004 – 2010 on Spike TV

Toughman Pay Per Views (Midget Champs) 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010

WWA Pay Per Views – “World Wrestling All Stars” – Europe & Australia

    • Rolling Stone – Pictorial
    • FHM – Article
    • Maxim Magazine – Sept 2008 featured DVD Section
    • Sports Illustrated – Pictorial & Article with Rodman & Puppet
    • Upstart Magazine – Cover & Pictorial – Puppet
    • Bar Marketing Magazine – Article, Rated #1 bar promotion 5 years running
    • Mixer Magazine – Cover & Article
    • Plush Magazine – Cover & Article
    • Las Vegas Weekly – Article
    • Total Wrestling – Europe – Cover – Puppet and TEO


     Getting ready in 2013 with the “Living Outside the Circle” program:

Living Outside the Circle comes from the idea of living with Achondroplasia Dwarfism, where the everyday experiences come with internal and external challenges. The individual is always in the spotlight of life on a daily basis, because of his or her physical appearances, which makes the person outside the circle of society looking in. Within the program, book, and public motivational speaking events, the creator Stevie talks about the different events in his life, where he had to improvise his lifestyle to succeed with the everyday behaviors from others in the outside world. Steve discusses on childhood bullying, everyday ignorance, feeling of belongings, and overcoming daily challenges with heart filling and fun stories in his 43 years of life. Living Outside the Circle also challenges it’s audience to relate and take a look at their own lifestyle and experiences through the emotional stories that Steve brings to the pages of his biography and public appearances. ENJOY!

Details on the tour coming soon!



Over 200 national & international radio shows such as 1999 – 2013:

  • Howard Stern
  • John Boy and Billy
  • Mancow’s Morning Madhouse
  • Kerrang Radio – United Kingdom
  • And many more!!! Regular on 50 morning shows in last 11 years


  • Motley Crue Tour – Stunts/Character Work – 2012
  • Kings Island Amusement Park – 2010 & 2011
  • Worlds of Fun Amusement Park – 2011
  • National & International tours – 2000 – 2013 –  – for details
  • Kid Rock & Uncle Kracker – Carnival of Chaos Chicago 2006 – 25,000 attendees
  • Various X Fests Featuring: Linkin Park, Filter, Static x, Sevendust and more – 10,000+ attendees. 2002 – 2012
  • Eminem – Puppet – Chicago House of Blues 2009


Living Outside the Circle – Public Speaking Events – 2013

Slim Jim/Rebeleache Tour – United States Tour with Randy Macho Man Savage

Bud Light/Maxim Exposure Tour 2005 – 2012

Bud Bowl – 2006 Super Bowl – Detroit

Import Face Off Tour – 2006 – 2013

Miscellaneous Tattoo Conventions & Shows. 2001 – 2013

Private parties for Xiance (UFC), Dixie Chicks, Various Fortune 500 Corporations. 200 – 2013

   Living Outside the Circle

434 Ann Street Elgin, IL. 60120

For Interviews and Bookings:

Contact Information: Ask for Stevie or Stacy (224) 535 – 6612


Stevie –

Stacy –

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