Living Outside The Circle

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Living Outside the Circle comes from the idea of living with Achondroplasia Dwarfism, where the everyday experiences come with internal and external challenges. The individual is always in the spotlight of life on a daily basis, because of his or her physical appearances, which makes the person outside the circle of society looking in. Within the program, book, and public motivational speaking events, the creator Steve talks about the different events in his life, where he had to improvise his lifestyle to succeed with the everyday behaviors from others in the outside world. Steve discusses on childhood bullying, everyday ignorance, feeling of belongings, and overcoming daily challenges with heart filling and fun stories in his 43 years of life. Living Outside the Circle also challenges it’s audience to relate and take a look at their own lifestyle and experiences through the emotional stories that Steve brings to the pages of his biography and public appearances. ENJOY!!! 

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